Structural Dynamics in Industry

Structural Dynamics in Industry

Alain Girard and Nicolas Roy, Intespace, France

ISBN : 9781848210042

Publication Date : November 2007

Hardcover 456 pp

250 USD



Structural dynamics has become a crucial parameter for meeting performance requirements in fields as varied as automotive, aeronautics, space and defense. This book focuses on the behavior of structures subjected to a vibrational or shock environment. It takes a systematic approach to the basic concepts in order to enhance the reader’s understanding and to allow industrial structures to be covered with the necessary degree of depth. The developments are explained with a minimum of mathematics and are frequently illustrated with simple examples, while numerous industry case studies are also provided.


1. General Introduction to Linear Analysis.
2. The Single-degree-of-freedom System.
3. Multiple-degree-of-freedom Systems.
4. The Modal Approach.
5. Modal Effective Parameters.
6. Continuous Systems.
7. Complex Modes.
8. Modal Synthesis.
9. Frequency Response Synthesis.
10. Introduction to Non-linear Analysis.
11. Testing Techniques.
12. Model Updating and Optimization.

About the authors/editors

Alain Girard is a well-known expert in structural dynamics at Intespace. He is also Professor at the University of Toulouse, SUPAERO and ENSICA in France.
Nicolas Roy is a mechanical engineer at Intespace. He is also a lecturer at various European universities.