Visual Perception Through Video Imagery

Visual Perception Through Video Imagery

Edited by

Michel Dhome, LASMEA, CNRS Clermont-Ferrand, France

ISBN : 9781848210165

Publication Date : February 2009

Hardcover 312 pp

140 USD



For several decades researchers have tried to construct perception systems based on the registration data from video cameras. This work has produced various tools that have made possible recent advances in this area. Part one of this book deals with the problem of the calibration and auto-calibration of video captures. Part two is essentially concerned with the estimation of the relative object/capture position when a priori information is introduced (the CAD model of the object). Part three discusses the inference of density information and the shape recognition in images.


Part 1. Registration and Auto-registration
1. Calibration of Vision Sensors, Jean-Marc Lavest and Gérard Rives.
2. Self-Calibration of Video Sensors, Rachid Deriche.
3. Specific Displacements for Self-calibration, Diane Lingrand, François Gaspard and Thierry Viéville.
Part 2. Localization
4. Localization Tools, Michel Dhome and Jean-Thierry Lapresté.
Part 3. Reconstruction
5. Reconstruction of 3D Scenes from Multiple Views, Long Quan, Luce Morin and Lionel Oisel.
6. 3D Reconstruction by Active Dynamic Vision, Eric Marchand and François Chaumette.
Part 4. Recognition
7. Shape Recognition in Images, Patrick Gros and Cordelia Schmid.

About the authors/editors

Michel Dhome, research Director at CNRS, he is a Professor at University of Clermont-Ferrand, France.