Certifiable Software Applications 1

Main Processes

Certifiable Software Applications 1

Jean-Louis Boulanger, consultant

ISBN : 9781785481178

Publication Date : July 2016

Hardcover 308 pp

130.00 USD



The Certifiable Software Applications Set is a presentation of the development of a critical software application.

This first volume is dedicated to the establishment of quality assurance and safety assurance. It establishes the context for achieving a certifiable software application. In it, the author covers recent developments such as the module, component and product line approach. Applicable standards are presented and safety principles are described and discussed. Finally, the requirements for mastering quality and configuration are explained.

In this book the reader will find the fundamental practices from the field and an introduction to the concept of software application.


1. System, Equipment and Software.
2. Software Application.
3. Principle of Dependability.
4. Safety Management of a Software Application.
5. Safety of a Software Application.
6. Technique to Manage Software Safety.
7. Assessment and Certification.
8. Different Sectors and Various Normative Referentials.
9. Quality Management.
10. Requirement Management.

About the authors/editors

Jean-Louis Boulanger is currently an Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) in the railway domain focusing on software elements. His research interests include requirements, software verification and validation, traceability and RAMS with a special focus on safety.

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