Implementing IP and Ethernet on the 4G Mobile Network

Implementing IP and Ethernet on the 4G Mobile Network

André Perez, Consultant

ISBN : 9781785482380

Publication Date : April 2017

Hardcover 322 pp

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The 4G mobile network allows an IP packet transmitted by a mobile to be transported to its gateway, and reciprocally, using the following networks: MPLS-VPN, VPLS and OTN.
The mechanisms for the implementation of quality of service (QoS) on the EPS, IP, Ethernet and MPLS networks are presented.
The security for the LTE radio interface, the NAS messages and the links of the transport (IPSec) are discussed.
Aspects relating to the synchronization of the eNB entities are also detailed, including SyncE (frequency synchronization) and IEEE 1588 (phase and time synchronization) mechanisms.


1. Mobile Network–Architecture.
2. Mobile Network–Signaling Protocols.
3. Mobile Network–Procedures.
4. Transport Network–MPLS-VPN Technology.
5. Transport Network–VPLS Technology.
6. Transport Network–OTN Technology.
7. Quality of Service–Principles.
8. Quality of Service–Mobile Network.
9. Quality of Service–Transport Network.
10. Security–Principles.
11. Security–Mobile Network.
12. Security–Transport Network.
13. Synchronization–Principles.
14. Synchronization–SyncE Mechanism.
15. Synchronization–IEEE 1588 Mechanism.

About the authors/editors

André Perez is a consultant and a teacher in networks and telecommunications. He works with telecom companies and internet service providers, regarding architecture studies and training on the 4G mobile, IP, Ethernet and MPLS networks.