Psychotropic Drugs, Prevention and Harm Reduction

Addictions SET coordinated by Sonny Perseil

Psychotropic Drugs, Prevention and Harm Reduction

Edited by

Imaine Sahed and Antony Chaufton

ISBN : 9781785482724

Publication Date : September 2017

Hardcover 162 pp

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This book promotes the interaction between research and professional practices in the field of prevention and harm reduction. Through the scientific work and experience of human and social sciences researchers and medical social actors, research and action assist one another in illuminating the problems associated with the consumption of psychotropic drugs and in developing intervention strategies.

Over the course of several chapters, contributed by attendees of the Psychotropics, Prevention and Harm Reduction Put to the Test By “Human and Social Sciences” workshop, a range of varied themes are explored within the scope of drugs and their uses.

Both the socio-historical context of drug uses and the construction of prevention and harm reduction public policies in light of scientific knowledge are covered, as well as the issue of release, mobilization and/or negotiation of prevention and harm reduction standards, both for professionals and drug users.


Part 1. Prevention in Care Environments: Approaches and Practices
1. Scientific Data and Political Decisions in the Field of Addictive Behaviors.
2. Social Sciences and Practice Renewal: From Prevention, to Identification, to Early Intervention.

Part 2. (Re)designing Prevention: Multidisciplinary Outlooks
3. The Beautiful Life With or Without Drugs: Questions on Emancipation.
4. Tobacco and Alcoholic Beverage Consumption of European Adolescents: Substitutes or Complements? The Value of an All-encompassing Policy.
5. Animated Images, Words Coming Alive, Reflection in Motion.

Part 3. Psychotropic Uses and Health Policies: International Perspectives
6. Towards the Addiction of Adolescents Under Public Protection: Paradoxical Contextualization.
7. Socio-anthropological Contributions to the Senegalese Harm Reduction Program.

Part 4. Prevention and Harm Reduction at the User Level
8. Promoting Harm Reduction Personal Strategies by Means of Drugs Checking: Its Use in CAARUD.
9. Initiation to Injection: A Community Challenge.

About the authors/editors

Imaine Sahed completed her PhD in Sociology from École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris, France in 2016. Her research focuses on psychoactive substance consumption in youth and aims to understand the evolution of drug consumption during adolescence. She is interested in youth health research and promotion.

Antony Chaufton is a Clinical Psychologist and works in a health center, with both adults and adolescents who consume and abuse psychoactive substances. His interest concerns practices that are a risk to the physical, psychological and social body.

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