Compressed Sensing in LiFi and WiFi Networks

Compressed Sensing in LiFi and WiFi Networks

Malek Benslama, University of Constantine 1, Algeria
Hatem Mokhtari, Consultant

ISBN : 9781785482007

Publication Date : November 2017

Hardcover 254 pp

120.00 USD



This book deals with compressed acquisition in the context of wireless networks, such as Lifi or Wifi.

Compressed acquisition represents a revolution in the handling of problems, covering applications from computing, information theory and signal processing, to circuit design, electromagnetism and radar tracking, among others.

By providing an overview of the current literature, the authors provide the reader with the opportunity to improve their understanding of the treatment of sparse signals in practical applications.


1. Shannon’s Theorem in Classic DataProcessing.
2. Shannon’s Theorem in Quantum Data.
3. Sparse Signals and Compressed Sensing.
4. Compressed Sensing and the Fourier Transform.
5. Compressed Sensing and Entanglement.
6. Compressed Sensing in LiFi Systems in Mobile Communications and Cryptography.
7. Compressed Sensing in WiFi Systems.
8. Compressed Sensing in Interconnections Covering WiMAX, UMTS and MANET Satellite Networks.
9. Compressed Sensing in RadarInterferometry.
10. Compressed Sensing in Radars.
11. Compressed Sensing in Electromagnetism.

About the authors/editors

Malek Benslama is currently Professor at the University of Constantine 1 in Algeria. He is also Doctor of Science with the INP Toulouse in France and a member of the scientific council of the Algerian Space Agency.

Hatem Mokhtari was formerly Lecturer at the University of Constantine 1 in Algeria. He currently provides consulting services on an international scale for telecommunications and holds a doctorate from Paul Verlaine University – Metz in France.