Methods and Interdisciplinarity

Volume 1 - Modeling Methodologies in Social Sciences Set Coordinated by Roger Waldeck

Methods and Interdisciplinarity

Edited by

Roger Waldeck, Laboratoire d’Économie et de Gestion de l’Ouest (LEGO), France

ISBN : 9781786304889

Publication Date : November 2019

Hardcover 200 pp

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Interdisciplinarity research results from a growing need for multi-perspective methods, and knowledge on complex and multifaceted objects of study. It is not simply scientific research that involves several disciplines, but ultimately, the aim is confronting this knowledge and – if possible – articulating it coherently.

Using specific examples, Methods and Interdisciplinarity categorizes the different modes of interdisciplinarity and discusses the mechanisms of hybridization between them. On the one hand, the book shows how the same issue can be treated according to various points of view from several disciplines, which can give rise to complementary or even contradictory knowledge. On the other hand, it illustrates how methods from some disciplines make it possible to articulate the qualitative or quantitative approaches of others.


1. Promoting and Experimenting with Interdisciplinarity, Pierre Livet.
2. Geography and Computer Science: Reasons for a Marriage, a Marriage of Reason?, Denise Pumain.
3. Conceptual Modeling and Multidisciplinary Dialogue, Jean-Pierre Müller.
4. Network Analysis: Linking Social and Ecological Dynamics, Vanesse Labeyrie, Sophie Caillon, Matthieu Salpeteur and Mathieu Thomas.
5. Interdisciplinarity and VUCA, Roger Waldeck, Sophie Gaultier Le Bris and Siegfried Rouvrais.
6. Learning Methodology for VUCA Situations, Sophie Gaultier Le Bris Siegfried Rouvrais and Roger Waldeck.
7. Approaches to and Applications of Graphemics, Yannis Haralambous.

About the authors/editors

Roger Waldeck is Associate Professor at IMT Atlantic and a member of the Laboratoire d’Économie et de Gestion de l’Ouest (LEGO), France. His current research focuses on modeling methodologies for complex social systems.