Ethics of Transitions

What World Do We Want to Live in Together?

Volume 8 - Innovation and Responsability SET by Robert Gianni and Bernard Reber

Ethics of Transitions

Jim Dratwa, European Commission

ISBN : 9781786301024

Publication Date : August 2022

Hardcover 290 pp

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Thinking in transition. New worlds are taking shape, against the backdrop of challenges to democracy and sustainability, to peace and solidarity, and to the very ideal of common values. From scorched Earth to dreamed citizenship, from digital to green, and from the Question of Europe to the Sovereign Scheme, there arise new modalities of catastrophe and of resistance, new possibilities of emancipation as well as of exploitation. That is what this book investigates and elucidates.

Ethics of Transitions analyzes the ways our world is made, revealing its structural injustices as well as its openings. It thus develops alternative resources to think about the world and build it otherwise. Exploring and explaining the different dimensions and forms of transitions, this book is also an inquiry – murder mystery and philosophical whodunnit – into the wrongs to be righted.

As a lucid call to build our relations and our world with care, the transition manifesto invites resistance and opens up to other fields of possibilities. Thinking with transition.


Inter-section 1. What is Ethics of Sciences, Technologies, and Innovation?
Book I. Living Your Values.

Inter-section 2. Cis-theme
Book II. European Constructions of the Future.

Inter-section 3. The Other Europes
Book III. Institutions and Innovations of Value.

Inter-section 4. For Love
Book IV. We Have Never been Human.

About the authors/editors

Jim Dratwa is a philosopher, professor of philosophy in Europe and the United States, and the head of ethics in science and technology at the European Commission. His work addresses the interconnections between knowledges, actions and values.