The World’s Construction Mechanism

Trajectories, Imbalances and the Future of Societies

Volume 4 - Interdisciplinarity between Biological Sciences and Social Sciences SET Coordinated by Georges Guille-Escuret

The World’s Construction Mechanism

Jacques Barnouin, INRA, France

ISBN : 9781786305152

Publication Date : February 2020

Hardcover 298 pp

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The interdisciplinarity between the biological and human sciences is here to serve a daring objective: to decipher, by means of a logical chain, the explanatory factors of human trajectories and imbalances between societies and nations. To do this, The World’s Construction Mechanism is based on an unprecedented analysis of the dynamics of the human species, combining the contributions of anthropology, archeology, biology, climatology, economics, geography, history and sociology.

This book analyzes the roots of societal disharmony and presents ways of realizing a clear-sighted human project that is in step with the general interest of humanity.


1. History of Color.
2. Geoclimate and Prosperity.
3. Pathway of Societal Precociousness.
4. Diffusion of Societal Achievements.
5. Cultural Intermission.
6. Mechanism and Realities.
7. Other Potential Reasons for Societal Imbalances.
8. Three Crucial Questions.
9. Rebalancing Societies.

About the authors/editors

Jacques Barnouin is Director of Research at INRA, the French National Institute for Agricultural Research. His findings have focused on multifactorial epidemiology and nutrition, and he is the designer of numerous multidisciplinary programs and methodological tools.