Multi-Processor System-on-Chip 2


SCIENCES – Electronics Engineering

Multi-Processor System-on-Chip 2

Edited by

Liliana Andrade, Université Grenoble Alpes, France
Frédéric Rousseau, Université Grenoble Alpes, France

ISBN : 9781789450224

Publication Date : May 2021

Hardcover 266 pp

165.00 USD



A Multi-Processor System-on-Chip (MPSoC) is the key component for complex applications. These applications put huge pressure on memory, communication devices and computing units. This book, presented in two volumes – Architectures and Applications – therefore celebrates the 20th anniversary of MPSoC, an interdisciplinary forum that focuses on multi-core and multi-processor hardware and software systems. It is this interdisciplinarity which has led to MPSoC bringing together experts in these fields from around the world, over the last two decades.

Multi-Processor System-on-Chip 2 covers application-specific MPSoC design, including compilers and architecture exploration. This second volume describes optimization methods, tools to optimize and port specific applications on MPSoC architectures. Details on compilation, power consumption and wireless communication are also presented, as well as examples of modeling frameworks and CAD tools. Explanations of specific platforms for automotive and real-time computing are also included.


Part 1. MPSoC for Telecom
1. From Challenges to Hardware Requirements for Wireless Communications Reaching 6G, Stefan A. Damjancevic, Emil Matus, Dmitry Utyansky, Pieter Van Der Wolf and Gerhard P. Fettweis.
2. Towards Tbit/s Wireless Communication Baseband Processing: When Shannon meets Moore, Matthias Herrmann and Norbert Wehn.

Part 2. Application-specific MPSoC Architectures
3. Automation for Industry 4.0 by using Secure LoRaWAN Edge Gateways, Marcello Coppola and George Kornaros.
4. Accelerating Virtualized Distributed NVMe Storage in Hardware, Julian Chesterfieldand Michail Flouris.
5. Modular and Open Platform for Future Automotive Computing Environment, Raphaël David, Etienne Hamelin, Paul Dubrulle, Shuai Li, Philippe Dore, Alexis Olivereau, Maroun Ojail, Alexandre Carbon and Laurent Le Garff.
6. Post-Moore Datacenter Server Architecture, Babak Falsafi.

Part 3. Architecture Examples and Tools for MPSoC
7. SESAM: A Comprehensive Framework forCyber–PhysicalSystemPrototyping, Amir Charif, Arief Wicaksana, Salah-Eddine Saidi, Tanguy Sassolas, Caaliph Andriamisaina and Nicolas Ventroux.
8. StaccatoLab: A Programming and Execution Model for Large-scale Data flow Computing, Kees Van Berkel.
9. Smart Cameras and MPSoCs, Marilyn Wolf.
10. Software Compilation and Optimization Techniques for Heterogeneous Multi-core Platforms, Weihua Sheng, Jeronimo Castrillon and Rainer Leupers.

About the authors/editors

Liliana Andrade is Associate Professor at TIMA Lab, Université Grenoble Alpes in France. She received her PhD in Computer Science, Telecommunications and Electronics from Université Pierre et Marie Curie in 2016. Her research interests include system-level modeling/validation of systems-on-chips, and the acceleration of heterogeneous systems simulation.

Frédéric Rousseau is Full Professor at TIMA Lab, Université Grenoble Alpes in France. His research interests concern Multi-Processor Systems-on-Chip design and architecture, prototyping of hardware/software systems including reconfigurable systems and high-level synthesis for embedded systems.