The Tourist Region

A Co-Construction of Tourism Stakeholders

Volume 1 - Tourism and Mobility Systems SET Coordinated by Philippe Violier

The Tourist Region

Jérôme Piriou, La Rochelle Business School – Excelia Group, France

ISBN : 9781786304162

Publication Date : May 2019

Hardcover 256 pp

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In geography, a region is one of the most obscure and controversial scientific research objects. However, the tourism sector frequently uses the term, both in the communication of tourism destinations and in daily-life vocabulary, to characterize spatial practices that overtake the scale of a place. That said, a geographic concentration of place, equipment and accommodation does not equate to a tourist region.

In order to define the tourist region, this book presents the common thoughts and interpretations of it, which have been advanced by geographers since the beginning of the 20th Century. The Tourist Region also examines stakeholders’ logics that are identified in the practices of a tourist destination in a regional dimension, and explores the tourist region as a territorial co-construction. Finally, this book analyzes multi-level regional networks of tourist places, built according to tourist mobilities.

By presenting several measurement methods of the tourist region, this book explains the spatial practices of tourists and anticipates the actions for tourism professionals.


Part 1. The Region, a Complex Concept Applied to Tourism
1. Tourist Places, with their Foundations in the Tourist Region.
2. The Tourist Region, a Localized Area and Localizer.
3. Geographical Approaches of the Tourist Region.

Part 2. Stakeholder Logics in the Practice of a Tourist Destination in a Regional Dimension
4. Tourists and their Territories Practices in a Regional Representations as a Tool to Define the Tourist Region as Experienced Dimension.
5. Investors and their Structuring of Regional Tourist Territories.
6. Developers and Local Actors Mobilization for Promotion of their Regional Territories.
7. The Prescribers and the Encouragement of Regional Practices.

Part 3. Reading the Tourist Region Using Networks of Places Analysis
8. Regional Tourism Distribution in Networks of Places.
9. Definition of Regional Tourist Functions of Places.
10. Place Positions in the Tourist Region.
11. Connection of Tourist Places in Networks via Tourist Mobilities.

About the authors/editors

Jérôme Piriou, PhD in geography, is a lecturer-researcher at La Rochelle Business School – Excelia Group, and member of the Centre de Recherche en Gestion (Research Center of Management) (CEREGE) in France. His research focuses on local development and the spatial practices of tourism stakeholders.