Shapes of Tourism Employment

HRM in the Worlds of Hotels and Air Transport

Volume 4 - Tourism and Mobility Systems SET Coordinated by Philippe Violier

Shapes of Tourism Employment

Edited by

Gwenaëlle Grefe, University of Angers, France
Dominique Peyrat-Guillard, University of Angers, France

ISBN : 9781786303547

Publication Date : September 2020

Hardcover 256 pp

165.00 USD



Shapes of Tourism Employment presents the circumstances of being an employee in large-scale tourist organizations within two key sectors – hotels and passenger air transport – according to their evolution in response to the advent of the leisure society.

Confronted with strategic and financial hazards, human resource management has to compromise with professionals whose relation to their work oscillates between choice and obligation, at the discretion of their hierarchical or social position.

This book explores the complex worlds of these two sectors, from the front to the back office, from the receptionist to the flight attendant, up to the general manager and the aircraft captain. Their soft skills are highlighted, in line with new, less hierarchical approaches to professional relationships.


Part 1. Managing the Human Resources of Hotel Companies in the Face of Third Tourism Revolution Disruptions
1. Disruption and the Strategy of Hotel Groups, Régis Dumoulin and Aurore Giacomel.
2. Front-Office Jobs in the Age of Soft Skills, Aurore Giacomel and Benoît Raveleau.
3. The Upgrading of Skills for the Back Office, Middle Line and Support Staff, Gwenaëlle Grefe.
4. Employee Turnover: HRM Challenges to Develop Commitment and Job Satisfaction, Brigitte Charles-Pauvers.
5. The Globalized Hotel Business: Worlds within a World, Aurore Giacomel and Régis Dumoulin.
6. The Hospitality World in Poland: A Dynamic Industry in Search of Soft Skills, Aldona Glinska-Newes, Rafal Haffer, Joanna Winska and Barbara Jozefowicz.
7. International Hotel Groups and their Entrenchment in Mainland China, Hong Zhu.

Part 2. Managing the Human Resources of Air Transport Companies in the Face of Third Tourism Revolution Disruptions
8. Rebuilding of Flag Carrier Airline Companies and Historical Value Violations, Gwenaëlle Grefe.
9. Aircrew Conflict Management: Divisions and Continuity within the Ranks of the Majors, Gwenaëlle Grefe and Dominique Peyrat-Guillard.
10. Ground Personnel Exposed to Headwinds: Restructuring on Land in Response to Air Deregulation, Gwenaëlle Grefe.
11. The Psychological Bonds between Airline Pilots and their Work: From Passion to Reason, Dominique Peyrat-Guillard and Gwenaëlle Grefe.
12. The World of Companies Pro Social No Frills, Gwenaëlle Grefe.
13. Hybrid Companies, Inclined to Reasoned Human Resource Management, Gwenaëlle Grefe.

About the authors/editors

Gwenaëlle Grefe is Associate Professor in Management Sciences at the University of Angers, France. Her research focuses on organizational behavior.

Dominique Peyrat-Guillard is a University Professor in Management Sciences at the University of Angers. Her research field is organizational behavior.