Ad Hoc Networks

Routing, QoS and Optimization

Ad Hoc Networks

Mounir Frikha, SUPCOM, Tunisia

ISBN : 9781848212275

Publication Date : December 2010

Hardcover 288 pp

99.95 USD



This book describes the essential technology, features, and characteristics of ad hoc networks and their fields of use. After an in-depth study of the different categories of routing techniques, an evaluation of the performance of OLSR and AODV protocols is proposed using a variety of scenarios and simulations.
A new routing protocol with QoS is presented, as well as its implementation in a network simulator, and this is then compared with existing protocols. Ad Hoc Networks also introduces the principle of load distribution and proposes a new approach using an analytical model which provides better performance. Energy optimization techniques are discussed and several protocols are compared from the point of view of energy consumption. Finally, the book looks at Wi-Fi networks and their evolution as access networks for ad hoc networks.

The book is written at a level suitable for both advanced students and engineers wishing to deepen their knowledge in the field of network planning and simulation.


1. Introduction to Ad Hoc Networks.
2. Routing in MANETs.
3. Performance Evaluation of OLSR and AODV Protocols.
4. Quality of Service in MANETs.
5. Implementation and Simulation.
6. Load Distribution in MANETs.
7. Energy Optimization in Routing Protocols.
8. Wi-Fi Access for Ad Hoc Networks.
Appendix 1. The Ad Hoc Networks
Simulator (ANS).
Appendix 2. TCL Script of OLSRQSUP Protocol.
Appendix 3. Awk Script.

About the authors/editors

Mounir Frikha is head of the network and IT department at SUPCOM in Tunisia. His current work focuses on the management of mobility and QoS in networks.

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