Home Area Networks and IPTV

Home Area Networks and IPTV

Jean-Gabriel Rémy, Ministry of Economy, Industry & Energy, Fance
Charlotte Letamendia, SAGEMCOM, France

ISBN : 9781848212954

Publication Date : April 2011

Hardcover 288 pp

99.95 USD



The field of Home Area Networks (HAN), a dedicated residential subset of LAN technologies for home-based use, is fast becoming the next frontier for the communications industry.

This book describes the various technologies involved in the implementation of a HAN: high-speed Internet connections, indoor implementations, services, software, and management packages. It also reviews multimedia applications (which are increasingly the most important and complex aspects of most HANs) with a detailed description of IPTV technology. It highlights the main technologies used for HANs: information transmission by means of copper pairs, coaxial cables, fiber optics, and Wi-Fi radio systems, as well as the software systems necessary for the processing and management of these data communications. These technologies – examples of which include the well-known 802.11 family of standards, and less widespread applications such as the HomePlug powerline standard – are highly relevant to multimedia, remote healthcare, remote working, energy, and device management in the home.

The book is written for engineers working in the field, or who are interested in high-speed communication technologies and their actual or potential use in the home or in the small – medium size enterprise (SME) commercial environment.


1. Services Offered by Home Area Networks.
2. Receiving Television via Internet: IPTV.
3. Household Internet Connections.
4. Home Area Network Technologies.
5. Software Structure used in Home Area Networks.
6. Software Structures in use for Home Area Networks.
7. Service Platforms.

About the authors/editors

Jean-Gabriel Rémy has previously held several R&D positions in French telecom operators (France Telecom & SFR). He is today an adviser for telecommunications topics in the French ministry of economy, industry & energy.

Charlotte Letamendia is currently responsible for new products at SAGEMCOM, a company which is well advanced in the design and production of high-speed Internet devices.

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