Fluid Mechanics in Channel, Pipe and Aerodynamic Design Geometries 2

Volume 3 - Engineering, Energy and Architecture SET Coordinated by Lazaros E. Mavromatidis

Fluid Mechanics in Channel, Pipe and Aerodynamic Design Geometries 2

Christina G. Georgantopoulou, Bahrain Polytechnic, Kingdom of Bahrain
George A. Georgantopoulos, Hellenic Air Force Academy, Greece

ISBN : 9781786301406

Publication Date : April 2018

Hardcover 304 pp

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This book, comprised of two volumes, is an extended and detailed analysis of both the flow phenomena in closed and open channels and the flows around solid bodies. Although emphasis is given to the real-life applications of flows, the theoretical background is set out in an appropriate and simple way, enabling the reader to deeply understand the connection between flow principles and their practical applications.

Volume 2 begins with a study of pipe networks, followed by an open channel analysis and an estimation of real life applications. At the end, an aerodynamic analysis of flows around bodies is presented, along with the methodology of calculating variables and values and of analyzing air flow phenomena and effects.

This is a specialized resource for students, engineers and researchers who want to focus on the industrial applications of flows and study the fascinating world of internal and external flow phenomena.


1. Pipe Networks.
2. Open Channel Flow.
3. Boundary Layer.
4. Flow Around Solid Bodies.

About the authors/editors

Christina G. Georgantopoulou is a Professional Mechanical Engineer, an Academic Teacher in Fluid Mechanics and Head of the Engineering School at Bahrain Polytechnic in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

George A. Georgantopoulos is Professor Emeritus and former Professor of Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics at the Hellenic Air Force Academy in Greece.