Alternative Takes to the City

Volume 5 - Engineering, Energy and Architecture SET Coordinated by Lazaros E. Mavromatidis

Alternative Takes to the City

Edited by

Irini Micha and Dina Vaiou, National Technical of Athens, Greece

ISBN : 9781786302946

Publication Date : November 2019

Hardcover 180 pp

120.00 USD



Alternative Takes to the City presents the mosaic of relations and socio-spatial conditions which compose the plurality of contemporary everyday space(s) in cities, offering "a view from below". It proposes a multidisciplinary and gendered approach to the (relational) spatialities and temporalities of the everyday, of new mobilities and of global and local networks which constitute urban life in contemporary cities.

The book raises an empirically informed theoretical proposition which springs from the multiplicity of everyday experiences, as a laboratory for understanding recent socio-spatial, political and ideological transformations. Each chapter takes forward the theoretical argument based on one or more examples of concrete cities, in order to unveil the complexity and diversity of the urban condition in changing conjunctures, in which local practices connect and collide with global developments.


1. A City of One’s Own. Territorialities of Migrant Women in Public Spaces, Camille Schmoll.
2. Spatialized Hierarchies: Mirror Effects Between Migrants and Non-migrants in Terzigno (Naples), Adelina Miranda.
3. The Power of Speed and the Governance of Space in Urban Life, Gabriella Paolucci.
4. Gendered Aspects of the Everyday. Restructurings of Urban Life in Athens, Dina Vaiou.
5. Children’s Everyday Flows and Networks in the Neighborhoods of Athens, Irini Micha.
6. Social Citizenship and Social Movements in Response to Housing Needs, Marisol García.
7. Reading Perceptions of the “Other” Through the Debates and Public Discourses about Islamic Religious Practices and the Presence of Mosques in Athens, Penny Koutrolikou.

About the authors/editors

Irini Micha is Senior Lecturer at the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. Her research and publications focus on urban security policies, theories of public space and mass culture, urban representations and children’s geographies.

Dina Vaiou is Professor Emeritus of Urban Analysis and Gender Studies in the Urban and Regional Planning Department at the National Technical University of Athens. Her research and publications focus on the feminist critique of urban analysis, informal work and practices and a theoretical perspective through the everyday.