Thresholds in Architectural Education

Volume 7 - Engineering, Energy and Architecture SET Coordinated by Lazaros E. Mavromatidis

Thresholds in Architectural Education

Edited by

Nur Çaglar, TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Turkey
Irene G. Curulli, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Isil Ruhi Sipahioglu, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Lazaros E. Mavromatidis, National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Strasbourg, France

ISBN : 9781786306494

Publication Date : September 2020

Hardcover 296 pp

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Thresholds in Architectural Education provides a comprehensive presentation of the various forms of interaction that exist within the non-formal, informal and formal learning experiences of architectural students, studying the discipline at higher education institutions.

By investigating these learning experiences, this book explores multiple issues, aimed at a wider debate on the current impasse in architectural education and the existing divide between research, education and professional practice. It suggests a re-evaluation of the boundaries between these various fields, in search of areas where the cross professionalism of the practice and the inter- and cross-disciplinarity of education can strike a delicate balance. The focus is on the “in between layers” occurring between these fields, as they are considered instrumental in innovating current architectural education.

This book illustrates the wealth of ideas and experiments inspired by this topic. The intention is not to give solutions but instead to spark debate on the sensitive design of architectural curricula, allowing for the redefinition or creation of original learning environments.


Part 1. Practices in the Formal Institutions that Cope with the Rapid Pace of Change
1. Towards a New Interaction Between Educational Processes
and Practices: Faculty of Architecture, Sapienza University of Rome, Anna Maria Giovenale, Spartaco Paris and Roberto Bianchi.
2. Continuity in Architectural Education: A Driving Force or a Burden to Creativity?,
Deniz Incedayi, Burcu Selcen Coskun and Ikbal Ece Postalci.
3. From the Experiences in the Iberian Peninsula to California, Pedro Ressano Garcia.
4. Project Domain: A Formalist Exercise in the Education of Architects, Krunoslav Ivanisin.
5. Towards a New Studio Culture: Changing Minds, Transforming Education,
Ozan Onder Ozener and Mehmet Umit Meterelliyöz.
6. Climatic Heterotopias or the Obscure Element of Architectural Creation: Introducing a Tangible Alternative Pedagogy within a Global Climate Regime, Lazaros Mavromatidis.
7. A Threshold In-between Education and Profession: The Final Architectural Design Studio, Isil Ruhi Sipahioglu and Asli Alanli.
8. Final Diploma Project as a Key into the Architect’s Profession, Zbigniew Wladyslaw Paszkowski and Anna Pazdur-Czarnowska.
9. Designing a Relevant Answer to One’s Own Question: Assessing the Diploma Studio at the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture, Mia Roth-Cerina.
10. Designerly Ways of Understanding Research Capabilities of Architectural Design and Studio, Zelal Oztoprak and Nur Caglar.
11. Theory and Practice of Bookmaking: An Experiment in Architectural Design Education, Selda Banci.
12. Formal Supersedes Non-formal: Comparative Analyses of European and Japanese Architectural Design Education, Larisa Cisic.

Part 2. Non-formal and Informal Learning Environments
13. A Tangible Approach to the Alternative Teaching Education, Dimitra Babalis.
14. Social Networks and Architecture: Possible Benefits for Design Education?, Akin Tolga Ilter.
15. Architectural Education and the Politics of Architect–Client Relationships: A Case Study from Jordan, Ahlam Harahsheh.
16. Outer Studio: Learning from the Students, Cagda Türkmen.
17. An International Collaboration and Interdisciplinary Architectural Education Experience: Atelier Européen, Elif Mihçioglu.
18. A School of One’s Own: Reporting from the Students’ Front, Ikbal Ece Postalci, Burcu Selcen Coskun and Isil Ruhi Sipahioglu.

About the authors/editors

Nur Çaglar is an architect, Full Professor and Founding Head of the Department of Architecture, TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Turkey. A general council member for the EAAE from 2013–2018, she was also the EAAE coordinator of the e-FIADE project.

Irene G. Curulli, an architect and landscape architect, teaches Architectural Design at Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. Believing in the synergetic and integrative exchange across disciplines, she coordinates multi-disciplinary ERASMUS+ projects and international workshops.

Isil Ruhi Sipahioglu is an architect holding a PhD in Building Science and Technology from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. She is a lecturer at the TOBB University of Economics and Technology and the coordinator of the e FIADE project.

Lazaros E. Mavromatidis is an architect-engineer holding a PhD in Applied Thermodynamics from INSA Lyon and ENTPE, France. He is Associate Professor at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Strasbourg, France, and a researcher in the ICube laboratory UMR 7357.