The Image-Interface

Graphical Supports for Visual Information

Volume 3 – Digital Tools and Uses SET Coordinated by Imad Saleh

The Image-Interface

Everardo Reyes-Garcia, Université Paris 8, France

ISBN : 9781786300621

Publication Date : October 2017

Hardcover 288 pp

120.00 USD



Digital practices are shaped by graphical representations that appear on the computer screen, which is the principal surface for designing, visualizing, and interacting with digital information. Before any digital image or graphical interface is rendered on the screen there is a series of layers that affect its visual properties. To discover such processes it is necessary to investigate software applications, graphical user interfaces, programming languages and code, algorithms, data structures, and data types in their relationship with graphical outcomes and design possibilities.

This book studies interfaces as images and images as interfaces. It offers a comprehensible framework to study graphical representations of visual information. It explores the relationship between visual information and its graphical supports, taking into account contributions from fields of visual computing. Graphical supports are considered as material but also as formal aspects underlying the representation of digital images on the digital screen.


1. Describing Images.
2. Describing Graphical Information.
3. Practicing Image-Interfaces.
4. Designing Image-Interfaces.
5. Prototyping Image-Interfaces.

About the authors/editors

Everardo Reyes-Garcia holds a PhD in Information and Communication Sciences from the Université Paris 8 – Vincennes-Saint-Denis in France, where he is Associate Professor in Digital Humanities and a member of Paragraphe Lab (EA 349).