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The Transverse Information System

New Solutions for IS and Business Performance

François Rivard, Logica Management Georges Abou Harb, Logica Management Philippe Méret, Logica Management

ISBN: 9781848211087

Publication Date: March 2009   Hardback   352 pp.

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Information systems have enormous potential for enhancing business performance and overall profitability. This book provides a detailed examination of how the new NISS (new information system solutions) tools can be used to optimize shared assets within companies, to create adaptable new architectures that support the profitable growth of the company and to set companies apart from their competitors. Particular attention is given to:
– master data management (MDM), which provides a centralized, transversal business database;
– service-oriented architecture (SOA), a dominant architecture paradigm which is perfect for transformation, modernization and urbanization;
– business process management (BPM), a driving force for value creation and business unit innovation intermediaries.
As such, anyone involved in this field will find this book to be an indispensable and practical source of information.


1. Innovation for Business Value and Cost-killing.
2. The Transverse Information System
3. Master Data.
4. Service-Oriented Architectures.
5. Business Process Management.
6. Exchange Platforms.
7. Complex, Innovative Business Architectures.
8. The Impact of NISS on Software Implementation.
9. From Implementation to Measurement.
10. Contribution and Impact of NISS on Organization.
11. How to Get the Best Out of NISS.

About the Authors

François Rivard is a senior manager with Logica Management Consulting. He helps companies to transform their information systems and to build innovative architectures based on NISS.
Georges Abou Harb is the deputy CEO of Logica Management Consulting and is in charge of service-oriented architectures and new information system solutions.
Philippe Meret is a highways engineer and holds a Master’s degree in distributed information systems. He is responsible for BPM/BPMS in Georges Abou Harb’s team.


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